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Waldhütte: Your chalet getaway
We are happy to share this small oasis with like-minded people.

We hope that our guests can feel and appreciate our passion and energy in connection with the hut. 

Our philosophy: fair - local - natural
  • Consistently connected to nature: from the beginning it was clear, we wanted to design natural living spaces. For the renovation of the hut, we consistently used natural (construction) materials.
  • We strive for togetherness & cooperation on the ground: local products, craftsmen, partners…
  • We maintain friendly and fair dealings with partners, guests and supporters.

Our life's journey

Your hosts,
Monika & Hanspeter



History of the Waldhütte

From 1950 to 2017


 Construction of a weekend house by Gustav Spitzer with wood from Absam, Austria

timber frame, septic tank as sewage system, stove heating, dry toilet, 90 m² of living space

Owner: Geraldine Spiel

 1992 Connection to municipal water and sewage system
 since 1995 Holiday residence
 2004  Roof cleaning and repair  with new gutters
New electrical installation
 May 2009 Acquisition of the weekend house by
Monika Silan-Gärtner and Hanspeter Gärtner 
 June 2009 Planning and start of renovation work / core renovation
Complete renovation of the house - from the floors and windows to the ceilings - everything NEW in the interior, insulation, terrace, outdoor shower
 Oct 2012 First rental


Ecology and Environment

We strive to be environmentally friendly. And we invite you as our guest to help us and our world achieve a sustainable future.


We strive to reduce the amount of waste produced. Reuse or recycling in separate collection. In the Waldhütte there is a separation island. We use ecological washing and cleaning products, reusable tableware and tablecloths.


To save the most important resource, we ask our guests to use water purposefully. We have a 50 L waterboiler, so that energy is not wasted by heating up too much water. And our next next project is to produce the hot water energy via photovoltaic.


We strive to be energy efficient: use energy saving lamps, turn off the lights and turn off electrical appliances when not in use. We heat with wood from our own adjacent forest. 


We recommend fresh food from local producers to help local farmers. Or dining locally to support the resident population. This reduces senseless consumption of fuel for food transport from distant countries and reduces CO2 emissions. We also recommend using foods with eco-certificates. And many things you won’t need to bring, because it is already provided by us: e.g. spices, vinegar / oil, flour, etc...


The reduction of the negative impact of transport on the environment in tourism is largely dependent on a change in individual behavior. That is why we suggest not using your car more than necessary or to travel by train and bus. With the guest card, you can use the local bus line no. 8 free of charge in the Silver Region. Or go more often on foot and by bike on the road. It is a very liberating and nice change.


It is known that noise also has a negative impact on the environment and health. At the Waldhütte everybody feels comfortable - away from noise and hustle and bustle. Please respect the sparsely populated environment and keep good neighbourly relations.

Local values:

We care about the community and the environment. We care about the value of the beautiful surrounding nature, the variety of the local biology and landscape, the local cuisine, customs and values as well as the cultural-historical heritage. That is why we offer a lot of information and also invite you to get to know and love our beautiful Karwendel Silver Region and Tyrol.


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